Month: May 2018

GodSpeak: Springing into Summer – “Keeping Things Balanced”

GodSpeak for the Week after Holy Trinity Sunday – beginning May 28 “Keeping Things Balanced”   This week, we continue our “Springing Into Summer” sermon series with our annual celebration of Holy Trinity Sunday.   Day 1…Read Isaiah 6:1-8 Consider this – the word “holy” means “set apart for God’s specific purpose.” Answer this – … Read more

GodSpeak: “What’s in [His] Name?” – Despotes

GodSpeak for the Week of May 7 “What’s In [His] Name?” – Despotes Day 1…Read 2 Peter 2:1-3 Consider this – the Greek word Peter uses for “sovereign Lord” is the word “despotes”. Consider this – in our world, a “despot” is a leader who is: brutal, repressive, heartless, totalitarian (among other, unsavory qualities). Answer … Read more