GodSpeak: Disciple (n./v.)

GodSpeak – Matthew 22:1-22 – October 21-26

Disciple (n./v.): The Gospel of Matthew Matthew 22:1-22 The invited guests prefer the mundane to dining with the king. He invites the outsiders, and clothes them in majesty. The few who are chosen give God what is God’s… everything. Monday, October 21 Read Matthew 22:1-14. This parable is an indictment of God’s chosen people. In … Read more

GodSpeak – Matthew 21:23-46 – October 14-19

Disciple (n./v.): The Gospel of Matthew Matthew 21:23-46 Who is the authority? The Pharisees challenge Jesus with the question. Jesus tells two parables about the question. There’s a similar lingering question behind this chapter. Who is our authority? Monday, October 14 Read Matthew 21:23-32. How does Jesus turn the question of authority back on the … Read more

GodSpeak – Matthew 21:1-22 – October 7-12

Disciple (n./v.): The Gospel of Matthew Matthew 21:1-22 Jesus makes quite the entrance. Complete with donkey and prophecy fulfilled, Jesus begins the process of fulfilling nobody’s expectations. Children’s praise? Dead fig tree? Huh? Monday, October 7 Read Matthew 21:1-11. Compare and contrast Jesus experience leaving Jericho (20:29-34) with his entrance into Jerusalem and then the … Read more

GodSpeak – Matthew 19:1-15 – September 16-21

Disciple (n./v.): The Gospel of Matthew Matthew 19:1-15 Divorce is extremely commonplace in our world. We hardly give it a second look, even in the church. Jesus lets us know how commonplace it should be. Time for a double-take. Monday, September 16 Read Matthew 19:1-15. Jesus’ teaching on divorce is clear and concise. Why is … Read more

GodSpeak – Matthew 18:15-35 – September 9-14

Disciple (n./v.): The Gospel of Matthew Matthew 18:15-35 Nobody likes conflict, but in our sinful world, it’s a reality. Even in the church we sin against each other. Fight or flight? How about love, truth and forgiveness? Monday, September 9 Read Matthew 18:15-20. When our brother or sister in Christ sins against us our first … Read more

GodSpeak – Matthew 18:1-14 – September 2-7

Disciple (n./v.): The Gospel of Matthew Matthew 18:1-14 Humility seems to be a major theme of Jesus’ teachings about the Kingdom. Monday, September 2 Read Matthew 18:1-14. Jesus mentions temptation in the midst of two sections about being childlike. Is this just a random teaching or does temptation connect with being childlike? Tuesday, September 3 … Read more