Pastor Fofana's Blog

The Most Important Lesson

If you are a Christian, then it makes sense that you want to learn as much as you could about Christ Jesus and His Word. You can do that by talking about the Bible with your friends and family, writing down verses or memorizing them. You can also learn by going to church and listening … Read more

Tough Times

A friend of mine told me a story. He started by saying, “My life has not been easy. Both of my parents died when I was sixteen years old and I have had a lot of bad days since then. Other people try to help me feel better, but it does not always work. And … Read more

Sharing With Others

When I am eating in the Concordia Academy lunch room sometimes I see that someone has forgotten his/her food, or did not bring money to buy food. I should probably share some of my food with them. I think if I share my food, then I will be hungry later on. This is no excuse … Read more

Time for Everything

The Almighty God gives us work to do on this earth. Knowing Him does not always make the work easier. Everyone has difficulties. He will provide for us our need but we will need to accept the work He has for us, even if it is hard. Ecclesiastes 3:1-11 is a great passage to remember, … Read more