Family Tools and Events at Bethel

Here are some tools to use with your family, and upcoming events at Bethel Lutheran!

Sunday is an awesome day: kick start the week with the good word from Pastor, share a cup of coffee and a cookie with your fellow Bethel worshippers, and go to Bible study or Sunday school to experience Christ and faith in awesome, wonderful ways. But I’m going to let you in on something mind blowing.

At church, we only have (on average) 40 hours per year to engage you and your family’s faith life and create meaningful opportunities for discipleship/outreach. How many hours do you have?

Over 3,000.
 Have you really thought about that before?
Over the last couple of months, I’ve been researching and studying this fact and ways that Bethel can help you in your 3,000+ hours of faith development with your child.
This email is just the start of ways that we can help you.
Over 3,000 hours with your family to help inspire faith and raise them in Christ’s love. Does that excite you, scare you, or both?

Well, I’d like to let you know of an AMAZING tool that I’ve discovered (and started using!) It’s an app called “Parent Cue”. Totally free. Totally awesome. Sometimes, I don’t know what to say to my voiceless infant. This app lets me plug in my child’s age and gives me things to say to him and do with him at his stage of life. How great is that?? It’s on the Apple app store and is available for Androids as well.

Our parent lives are filled with little moments and opportunities to speak truth and engage in conversation. I hope this tool helps you win those conversations.

At Bethel, we only have 40 hours per year (!!!) to engage with your young ones. So we strategize and come up with great events to build faith, engage our community, and help instill passion for Christ. In that spirit, here are some upcoming events that we hope and pray do those exact things.

Feb 4: Parent Led Craft Session
Feb 11: Pre-K-5th Grade Sing in service; 3/4 grade Bible gifting with celebratory pot luck following
Feb 18: Visit Como Conservatory and Zoo (weather permitting) to learn how we can know God exists through His creation.
March 2: Ski Retreat at Wild Mountain

Please let us know how we can further help you and you family’s faith walk. We look forward to kick starting your week with you this Sunday!

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