GodSpeak: Lent 2019 – “BeTheLAIR”

GodSpeak for the Week of March 17


We continue our Lenten Sunday series, by considering how we as members of Bethel are being called to BeTheLAIR…that is, a place of security and soft landing for neighbors in the world. 

Day 1…Read Jeremiah 50:1-6

  • Consider this – the Word, spoken by Jeremiah under God’s instruction, begins with dynamic trouble: Babylon will be captured; Babylon’s gods will be put to shame and filled with terror; no one will live in it.
  • Answer this – yet, for God’s people (a people who had absolutely turned away from HIM, by the way!), what does God offer? (hint – see v. 5)
    • And, the best part of all of this is what? (hint – see the last few words of v. 5) 

Day 2…Read Luke 9:57-59

  • Consider this – a man comes to Jesus and offers to follow Him wherever He will be going. To this, Jesus offers the words of these verses.
  • Answer this – the world is not going to afford the Savior a lair (literally, a place to lay His head). Yet, how will He treat the world in response?

Day 3…Read Luke 12:4-7

  • Consider this – here, the Lord is making a reference to how common, everyday – and, easily forgotten – it is for simple sparrows to be bought and sold. Nobody pays any mind to these transactions, OR to the CREATURES being transacted!
    • FYI – the Greek word which gets translated as “forgotten” carries with it the idea of being “uncared for” and “given over to oblivion.”
  • Answer this – but, who DOES pay attention? Who DOES care for these simple, everyday creatures?  Who DOESN’T give these creatures “over to oblivion”? 

Day 4…Read Matthew 11:28

  • Consider this – here, we begin to get to the heart of what it means to BeTheLAIR; to be a place of comfort and safe landing for others.
  • Consider this – again, refer back to Luke 9:57-59.
  • Answer this – while the world will not offer Jesus a place to rest HIS head, what will JESUS offer to ANY who go to HIM?

Day 5…Read Luke 15:11-31

  • Consider this – this is the famous story of the Prodigal Son.
  • Answer this – perhaps the most important detail of this story, in light of what it means to BeTheLAIR, is how the son’s FATHER doesn’t RE-act to his son, but PRO-acts! What does it TAKE, what does it MEAN for us to BeTheLAIR in the way the father does to his son?

Day 6…Read John 20:15-16

  • Consider this – this is John’s version of Easter Sunday.
    • And, with one word (“Mary.”), Jesus changes the entire course of Mary’s life!
  • Answer this – how does Jesus act as a “lair” for Mary in this case (thereby, changing her life forever)?

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