Stewardship Sunday


“And God said, I will be with You.”

Dear Christian Steward at Bethel,

When God appeared to Moses in a burning bush to appoint Moses to lead His people out of captivity in Egypt, Moses was very reluctant to take on that responsibility. And God said, “I will be with you.” (Exodus 3:12a).  That is the same promise God gave to His people throughout the Old and New Testament.  It is the same promise He has for us today no matter what uncertainties and challenges we face in our lives; as individuals, as families, or as a church family.  With Pastor Seabaugh’s acceptance of the Call to serve another congregation, we are moving into a time of transition at Bethel.  We can be certain that God will be with us a congregation during these uncertain times.

One of our long-standing fall traditions at Bethel is the consideration of our roles as Christian stewards/caretakers.  Our goals for this period of reflection and re-commitment are for all of us to acknowledge we are God’s stewards, appreciate what God has given us, and use God’s gifts to help others.  The pledging process gives us an opportunity to reflect on God’s blessings and respond accordingly.  While the Financial Stewardship Team is charged with encouraging the financial funding of Bethel’s mission, this is also a perfect time to reflect upon the use of our time and talents in His kingdom work.  We can do more together than we can alone to make disciples for Christ in our church, neighborhood, and world.   Stewardship Sunday is November 13 and Commitment Sunday is November 20.  You will receive details about the pledging process in the mail.

2017 contribution envelope packets will be distributed to those who received 2016 packets last year.  If you did not receive a packet last and would like to receive 2017 envelopes, please contact the church office.  Thank you to all who are contributing in any manner you choose.

When we give our whole selves to the mission, it touches more lives than we will ever know.  In the process, we are blessed with a special sense of fulfillment, for in giving we receive.  May we be inspired by the Spirit to once again assess our lives of stewardship thoughtfully and prayerfully, and make decisions pleasing to our Lord.


In the service of our Lord,

Financial Stewardship Team

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