Helping and Being Helped

One of the highlights of my vocation as a pastor is spending time with our members who are unable to get around.  Often the discussion will center on the health challenges these people face and coming to grips with their gradual (or sudden) loss of ability.  These people spent decades busy helping others. Now the … Read more

God Does More

For over a decade, Bethel Lutheran Church has held an enormous rummage sale with the expressed purpose of raising money to support our families who send their children to Christian schools and those going into professional church work.  Simple.  People give us their old stuff, we sell it to people who want to buy it.  … Read more

Future Church Now

What comes to mind when we talk about “youth group?”  Perhaps it’s something like this.  “The youth ministry is important.” “Youth are so different today.”  “We need to keep them occupied.”  “They can do their own thing so long as they don’t get in the way.”  Why do we think this way about the youth?  … Read more