Reading Paul, Hearing Jesus

It’s no wonder why we love to read Paul’s letters. We love to dive into the depth and the logic of Paul. We love his systematic approach to Law and Gospel. We love Paul’s passion and his steadfast adherence to the confession of Jesus Christ. Paul makes sense to us! In so many ways, Paul … Read more

“What I’m Trying to Say is…” – Acts 21

Sunday, August 26, 2012 God’s truth is meant to be communicated.  As followers of Jesus, we make it our business to communicate the truths of God.  But how?  How do we get the message of truth from one point to another?  We can take a few hints from Paul… and Abbot and Costello! Readings: Acts … Read more

“Displacing the gods of men” – Acts 19

Sunday, August 12, 2012 Paul ran into some serious trouble when an idol-making silversmith from Ephesus thought the Christians were cutting into his business!  After all, it was his life!  Do Christians today live in such a way that the outside world notices?  What happens to us and to others when our gods are displaced by … Read more

“Confessions of a God-Made Man” – Acts 18

Sunday, August 5, 2012 Paul was a really talented man.  He was smart, passionate and able to read a situation and bring just the right words.  He had just accomplished all of that in Athens, where he had the opportunity to speak to the gathering of philosophers, many of whom wanted to know more.  How … Read more