“Lord, Lord” – Disciple (n./v.) – Matthew 7:15-29

Confirmation Sunday, May 19, 2012 Not everyone who says “Lord, Lord’ will enter the kingdom of heaven.  What a lovely verse for Confirmation Sunday!  It is, however, very appropriate for these young people as they declare the faith given in their baptism to be their own. Readings: Genesis 11:1-9, Acts 2:2-21, Matthew 7:15-29 GodSpeak Readings for … Read more

“The Narrow Way” – Disciple (n./v.) – Matthew 7:1-14

Sunday, May 12, 2012 We like to have options and travel the easy path.  Jesus tells us to enter using the narrow path.  What does that mean?  Jesus’ teachings only make sense when we understand that the path is narrow, not wide. Readings: Micah 6:1-8, Ephesians 4:1-6, Matthew 7:1-14 GodSpeak Readings for Disciple (n./v.): Matthew 7:1-14

“He’s Their God Too” – Disciple (n./v.) – Matthew 2

Sunday, March 3, 2012 What do we do when we know someone is living a lie?  They don’t know they’re living a lie, but they are, and we see the truth.  The compassionate thing to do is to tell them the truth, whether or not they accept it. Readings: Isaiah 42:1-10, Philippians 2:1-11, Matthew 2:1-12 … Read more

Cross-Cultural Parenting – Jesus Style!

A few weeks ago I got an email from a concerned parent about how to raise their children in a culture that has rejected God’s created order and Jesus, the One sent to restore that order. I just so happened to have been teaching the last hour on the Beatitudes from Matthew 5. The answer … Read more

Leaving Jesus Behind (in a good way!)

It seems to me we travel through life generally seeking our own self-interests.  When we consider what kind of impression we want to leave with people, we naturally want to leave a positive impression of ourselves.  Now, that’s not all bad.  Nobody wants to spend time with someone who leaves them with a bad impression … Read more

“What I’m Trying to Say is…” – Acts 21

Sunday, August 26, 2012 God’s truth is meant to be communicated.  As followers of Jesus, we make it our business to communicate the truths of God.  But how?  How do we get the message of truth from one point to another?  We can take a few hints from Paul… and Abbot and Costello! Readings: Acts … Read more

“Our Antioch” – Acts 11

Sunday, June 24, 2012 Jerusalem enjoyed the status of being the “Christian Hub”  as the Gospel of Jesus Christ began to spread through Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria.  However, when the Gospel landed in Antioch, things changed.  A new hub was established.  Most of us have a few hubs whereby we can share the Gospel with … Read more

Expanding the Lord’s Prayer

It sounds like scary stuff. We’re not supposed to take the word of God and “expand” it. It’s good enough by itself! I believe that’s true. What we need to understand is that the word of God isn’t the ink on the page or the pixel on the screen. It’s the meaning behind the word … Read more