Back to the Basics: Fruit

Back to the Basics – Fruit
Daily Devotional/Group Discussion Questions

Throughout Scripture, fruit is used to illustrate a gift given. That gift is typically eternal life, if the fruit is good, or fruit can represent something very rotten. What fruit are you bearing? This week, see the Gardener in His vineyard, and how He cares for you.

Daily exercise and prayer: Each day, pick one or two of the fruits from Galatians 5:22-23. Reflect on that fruit in your life. Is this a fruit that is flourishing and sweet, or one that needs a little pruning? Pray each day for God, the great Gardener, to work with you so that you may bear good and wonderful fruit.

Mon. Oct 9
Read Genesis 3:1-7. Here we have the first instance of fruit in the Bible. What is the context, here? How is the use of this fruit perverted? What was it intended for?

Tue. Oct 10
Read Romans 15:1-13. What fruit are we called to bear, and how does Jesus lead by example in this fruit bearing?

Wed. Oct 11
Read John 15. Draw out the imagery of what this passage describes. Who are you connected to? Who is the True Vine? The Gardener? The branches? What happens when fruit is pruned? What does Jesus mean when He asks us to abide in Him? What is the fruit we are called to bear (hint: check vs. 16-17)?

Thurs. Oct 12
Read Matthew 7:15-23. What is the difference in fruit born by a bad tree verses a good tree? What fruit do you think you are bearing? Be honest with yourself and pray that the Lord leads you to bear nothing but good fruit.

Fri. Oct 13
Read 1 Corinthians 13. This is known as the love passage, and is the essential fruit that we must all bear. Love isn’t the opportunity you have to get from this world, it’s the opportunity to give it. Verse 26 may give you encouragement: even when loving others is hard, you have Someone to help.

Sat. Oct 14
Reread John 15, and focus on the actions of the Gardener. Pruning makes us more like Jesus. How have you seen that in you own life? Pruning also requires the gardener to be very near us. How does it speak to you that when the Gardener prunes you, He is very close to you?

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