Back to the Basics: Yeast

Back to the Basics – Yeast (& bread)
Daily Devotional/Group Discussion Questions

Most breads, cookies and crackers list “leaven” as an ingredient: It’s what makes the dough rise. But what it illustrates in biblical usage may surprise you. Could something so commonplace be such an important spiritual metaphor that God actually designed a week of holy celebration around it?

Daily exercise: God is calling you to be truly satisfied in Him, the Bread of Life. Find a song or hymn to memorize this week that will remind you of that.

Mon. Sept. 18
Read Exodus 12 & Leviticus 23:4-8. Why did the Passover require unleavened bread? Go through these verses, highlighting God’s mercy and amazing planning throughout.

Tue. Sept. 19
Read Matthew 26:17-30 and John 13. What ingredients are present in the Feast of Unleavened Bread? Before the feast? What is the significance?

Wed. Sept. 20
Read Matthew 4:1-4 & 6:33. Physical hunger produces the need for what kind of provision? Doesn’t it make sense that God would allow us to experience spiritual hunger as well? The word for “seek” in Greek is zateo and originally meant “to crave.” What is it that you’re spiritually hungry for? What do you crave?

Thurs. Sept. 21
Read Genesis 3:8-24 & Exodus 16. Look for the word bread (or food). Note how it was part of sin’s consequence, but also God’s provision. Has there been a time when you say God clearly provide?

Fri. Sept. 22
Read Matthew 13:33-35 & 16:5-12. Want an arm workout? Sign onto Matthew 13’s plan! If the kingdom of heaven is like this description, what does that mean? Remember that the Kingdom is both in heaven and on earth, eternally. How can yeast be both good and bad? What does this mean for your faith?

Sat. Sept. 23
Read John 6. Who does Jesus say that He is? What does this mean for your daily life?

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September 24, 2017
Rev. Andrew Prin
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