Jesus: A True and Better Esther

August 28, 2016
Rev. David Seabaugh
Scripture Readings: Esther 4:5-17, Romans 5:1-11, Matthew 26:36-46

Daily Devotional/Group Discussion Questions

Esther risked her life for her people and she was spared. Jesus took a greater risk, yet His life was not spared. See how Jesus is True and Better.

 Daily Prayer: Pray through Psalm 35.

Monday, August 22
Read Esther 1-2:18. The name “Esther” means “star” in Persian, but means “I will hide” in Hebrew. What might this foreshadow for her queenly career? What is the context of her becoming queen?

Tuesday, August 23
Read Esther 2:19-3:15. Esther was queen through rough conspiracies. Why was Haman angry with Mordecai? How did Haman react?

Wednesday, August 24
Read Esther 4. Have you noticed yet that God hasn’t been directly mentioned? This is a literary element meant to show God’s assumed sovereignty amongst the Jews in this book. How might we be guilty of forcing God and the Bible on others rather than living our His grace daily?

Thursday, August 25
Read Esther 4:12-16 & Matthew 6:16-18. Fasting is a forgotten form of worship for many Christians. Notice that Jesus doesn’t say “If you fast,” but rather “when you fast.” Why should we fast? See also Ezra 8:21-23.

Friday, August 26
Read Esther 5-7. Banquets play a huge role in the plot development of this story. How does she risk her life with this? How does the king show his love for her? Where did her confidence come from?

Saturday, August 27
Read Esther 8 & John 15:13. Esther didn’t just risk her position in the palace. She risked her life. Jesus, already humbled by becoming a human, took a greater risk and did lose His life. How did God use Esther to save His people? How did God save you?

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