GodSpeak: At the Table – Faith with Your Family at Dinner

GodSpeak for the Week of August 5

“At the Table – Faith with Your Family at…DINNER”


We begin a new sermon series, this week, looking at how the different tables we gather around inform our faith and lives. This week, we consider what we learn around the DINNER table.


Day 1…Read Psalm 128

  • Answer this – what kind of language does the psalmist use, here? Is it simple or complicated?  Is the language dull or vivid?  Does it focus on one person or more?
    • What does the kind of language this psalm uses tell us about what we can learn and how we can learn it around our dinner tables?

Day 2…Read Psalm 128

  • Consider this – in v. 3, the psalmist notes that children: “…will be like olive shoots around your table.”
  • Answer this – what do you think the psalmist means by using that illustration? What qualities do kids develop by being around the family table?

 Day 3…Read Colossians 3:12-17

  • Consider this – the image of “table” never appears in this passage.
  • Answer this – even though the word/image “table” never appears, what images…what qualities…does Paul reference that CAN BE taught at the dinner table?
    • Why are these qualities important for family members to learn?

Day 4…Read Luke 14:1-14 (focusing especially on vv. 1-4)

  • Consider this – how many of us either watch television and/or use smartphones around our dinner tables?
  • Answer this – based on how Jesus responds, here, what COULD get missed if our attention isn’t fully focused on those around our tables?
    • Do you think Jesus would have been a fan of television being on and/or smartphones being used around our tables? ?

 Day 5…Read Luke 14:1-14 (focusing especially on vv. 7-11)

  • Answer this – what’s the lesson Jesus is trying to teach the guests of the dinner He’s attending?
  • Answer this – why would this have been an important lesson to learn in Jesus’ day?
    • How can we apply – and, how can we help our kids to learn – this lesson in today’s day-and-age?

 Day 6…Read Luke 14:1-14 (focusing especially on vv. 12-14)

  • Answer this – what’s the lesson Jesus is trying to teach the host of the dinner?
  • Answer this – what are some of the non-profit organizations in the Twin Cities who literally live out Jesus’ call?
    • How is Bethel living out this specific call of Jesus? What could Bethel do to improve in this area?

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