GodSpeak – Matthew 13:24-58 – July 29-August 3

Disciple (n./v.): The Gospel of Matthew
Matthew 13:24-58

“The Kingdom of Heaven is like…” Jesus gives the people a sneak peek at what his Kingdom will look like once he establishes it. Read closely. Jesus is talking about you.

Monday, July 29
Read Matthew 13:24-43. What is the purpose of these parables? What are they describing? What are they prescribing? How do we know the difference?

Tuesday, July 30
Read Matthew 13:44-58. It seems from the parables that the Kingdom of Heaven is pretty valuable.  What makes it so valuable? How should we display that we value the Kingdom above our other treasures in life?

Wednesday, July 31
After reviewing Matthew 13:24-58, read Joel 3. This passage from Joel is pretty scary. Should it scare us? Why is it important for us to keep ourselves mindful of “the harvest”?

Thursday, August 1
After reviewing Matthew 13:24-58, read John 15. Every branch that doesn’t bear fruit gets pruned off of the vine. The grain and the weeds grew in the same field. What reality is Jesus describing for us? Why is it important to know this?

Friday, August 2
After reviewing Matthew 13:24-58, read Revelation 14:14-20. Here we have yet another scary harvest picture. Who is doing the harvesting? When will the field be ripe for harvest?

Saturday, August 3
After reviewing Matthew 13:24-58, read Matthew 10:34-42, Matthew 12:46-50 Jesus redefines family to be those in the Kingdom. Easier said than done. How well do you relate to the unbelievers in your family? How can your church become more like a family?

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