GodSpeak – John 12 – Dec. 26-31

The Gospel of John 12

A timely anointing, a triumphal entry, the multiplication of seeds, a voice from heaven, the unbelieving Jews. The plot dramatically thickens as Jesus prepares to be glorified.

 Weekly Memory Verse: John 12:23
“The hour has come for the Son of Man to be glorified.”

Monday, December 26     Read John 12:1-19. Both of these stories are filled with irony. Both show expressions of gratitude and praise… or are they preparation for Jesus’ death?

Tuesday, December 27     Read John 12:20-50. Glory = distinction bestowed by common consent. Jesus says he’s about to be “glorified”. How is Jesus’ glory distinct? Bestowed? Recognized?

Wednesday, December 28     After reviewing John 12, read Leviticus 10:8-13 & Hebrews 9:11-14. The tabernacle and high priest were anointed for service to God. How is the great high priest anointed for his service? How does he serve?

Thursday, December 29     After reviewing John 12, read Revelation 7:9-17. Hosanna means “Save!” Palm branches celebrate victory. Compare and contrast Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem with the image from Rev. 7.

Friday, December 30     After reviewing John 12, read Matthew 16:13-28. The loss of life brings about the discovery of life. Whose life is to be lost? What kind of life will be found?

Saturday, December 31     After reviewing John 12, read Luke 12:1-12. We all have things we enjoy that are not consistent with Christianity. The believing Jewish leaders feared, and did not confess? What are you afraid of losing that keeps you silent?

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