Jesus: A True and Better Jonah

August 21, 2016
Rev. David Seabaugh
Scripture Readings: Jonah, Matthew 12:33-41

Daily Devotional/Group Discussion Questions

Jonah: He’s that guy people know for getting swallowed by a great fish. But how does he point to someone who is greater, who swallowed up death and gave us grace abundant?

 Daily Prayer: Pray through Psalm 30.

Monday, August 15
Read Jonah 1:1-3. Before we knew the earth was round, such a phrase like “sail to the ends of the earth” wasn’t a joke! Tarshish was likely in modern-day Spain, or the last land mass before the earth dropped off at its end. Who was Jonah? What did he fear? How do we fear similar things? Where did he try to run? Where is your “end of the earth” run away?

Tuesday, August 16
Read Jonah 1:1-16 & Mark 4:35-41. The sailors did not believe in God before this event. Their ancient, Near East religion likely did recognize the highest deity as ruler of the seas, though. How did God show the sailors His mercy and power? How did Jesus show His sailors mercy and power?

Wednesday, August 17
Read Jonah 1:12-17, Hebrews 6:13-20, & Mark 10:45. What was Jonah’s sacrifice? What was Jesus’? Where do you see God’s grace for Jonah? the sailors? mankind?

Thursday, August 18
Read Jonah 2 & Romans 6. Jonah should have died, but was essentially “buried” by the grace of God. What promise of grace has come to us? How can this be compared to baptism?

Friday, August 19
Read Jonah 1:17, Jonah 3, & Matthew 12:38-41. What is the sign of Jonah? (Hint: yesterday’s Romans 6 reading may help you).

Saturday, August 20
Read Jonah 4 & Ezekiel 33:11. God displays His mercy and compassion in many beautiful, crazy ways. What does this mean for Jonah? the Ninevites? How does the effect you?

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