A Letter From Jesus (GodSpeak Readings March 28-April 2)

Scenes from Revelation—A Letter from Jesus

Imagine getting a letter from someone who had spoken with Jesus about your church!
Daily Prayer: You are the Alpha and the Omega.  Help me understand your revelation.  Amen.

Monday, March 28
Read Revelation 1:1-4.  Is this a revelation about Jesus or by Jesus?  Both?  What is the blessing attached to this book?  Pray that God will bless you by reading it.

Tuesday, March 29
Read Revelation 1:5-8John uses lots of symbols to    describe God the Father and his Son Jesus.  How do these add meaning to what he is writing?

Wednesday, March 30
Read Revelation 1:9-20Revelation is all about decoding symbols.  For instance, the Son of Man is Jesus. The    description of him and his words are not literal, but   symbolic. 

Thursday, March 31
Read Revelation 2:1-17These real churches were being encouraged and corrected.  What can we learn from  Jesus’ assessment of them?

Friday, April 1
Read Revelation 2:18-3:6As we go, the criticism gets worse for these churches.  What was the problem in Thyatira & Sardis?  Do we share those problems?  What is the solution?

Saturday, April 3
Read Revelation 3:7-22Philadelphia has an open door to share Jesus but won’t do it.  Laodicea is simply lukewarm.  Where do we see these things today?  Pray for them.

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