Race (GodSpeak Readings Oct 12-17)

Speaking the Truth in Love:  Race

The issues of prejudice have been with us from the beginning.  Often it manifests itself in racial conflicts. Those who pre-judge assume they have the truth.  Those who are judged often feel they weren’t listened to.  How can we love them both?
Daily Prayer: Lord, you are our creator and our judge.  Give us your grace and forgiveness so that we might humbly shine that light into our world.  Amen.

Monday, October 12
Read Genesis 11:1-9Humanity united for selfish purposes and God dispersed them worldwide.  This is how we get “race.”  What happens when each “race” unites for selfish purposes over and above each other?  How can human prejudice be seen as a retelling of the tower of Babel?   

Tuesday, October 13
Read Genesis 12:1-3God asked Abram to abandon his country and settle in the crossroads of the world.  What was God’s intent for Abram there?  What was Abram’s attitude to be about the nations around him?  What should our attitude be toward the “nations” around us?

Wednesday, October 14
Read Matthew 7Jesus begins with a directive not to “judge.”  Is Jesus telling us not to see the difference between right and wrong?  If not, what does he mean by “judge?”  What logs do we have in our eyes these days?

Thursday, October 15
Read Matthew 25:31-46In this final judgment, Jesus gathers all the nations and separates them.  What is the basis that Jesus uses to separate them?  Is there any consideration of race, status, wealth, or ability?  Is it possible to be prejudice and also live the life Jesus describes here?

Friday, October 16
Read Galatians 3Racism and prejudice had made its way into the churches of Galatia.  What problems did that create for the church?   What prejudices exist in our churches today?  What problems does that create for us?

Saturday, October 17
Read James 4:1-12James gives a stern warning to the Christians about how to treat one another.  In v.11, what’s the difference between the “doer of the law” and the “judge?”  Can we be both at the same time?  What does it take for you to stay humble around others?

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