Joining Bethel

Joining a church doesn’t make you a better Christian

We just follow Jesus better together

Sure, only “members” of Bethel Lutheran Church can vote at our congregational meetings, but joining Bethel is a lot more than that. When you join our church, you’re joining a family. It means we’re in this together, wherever Jesus leads us. It means we declare the same things to be true about God, even as we all mature on this journey of discipleship. It means we celebrate the good times together, and provide a shoulder to cry on when times are tough. It means you’re a brother. It means you’re a sister.

How do I join?

If Bethel’s your future church family, you’ll know it when you hang out with us. Worship with us, come to a Bible class or small group, or just sit down with a member and talk about Jesus. When you want to join,  just let us know. We’ll get the process started.

Joining a church is not like getting a degree from a school. You don’t need to “know enough” to qualify. If you believe in Jesus and want to travel this journey with us, we’ll walk with you every step of the way.

Here’s how our new member process works:

  • Go ahead and fill out our New Member Information Form.  Everything is right here.
  • Our Pastor wants to get to know you and help you to understand the foundation of our faith, so he’ll want to meet with you a few times. You’ll discuss the story of the Bible, how Christians read the Bible and Luther’s Small Catechism. Most people have lots of questions, so he’ll do his best to give you solid biblical answers. Don’t worry… no tests.
  • If you are ready to follow Jesus and His teachings together with us and function as an important part of the “body of Christ,” then we’ll recommend you for membership to our Leadership Team.
  • At the next 5th Sunday Celebration, we’ll make it public along with all the other new Bethel members. Afterwards we’ll have a big potluck celebration downstairs. It’s great!

If you want to know more about joining Bethel, drop us a note!

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