GodSpeak: Acts of the Apostles

GodSpeak – Acts 28 – September 24-29

Acts 28 In our readings this week, Paul finally makes it to Rome and spends two years awaiting trial. Monday, September 24     Read Acts 28:1-16. What role does hospitality play in God’s provision for Paul? Tuesday, September 25     Read Acts 28:17-30. Paul spends two years awaiting trial in Rome. What does he do with his … Read more

GodSpeak – Acts 22-23 – August 27-September 1

Acts 22-23 In our readings this week, Paul gives his defense to the crowd who arrested him. Monday, August 27     Read Acts 22:1-30. What does Ananias command Paul to do right after he receives his sight? Why is this so important? Tuesday, August 28     Read Acts 23:1-35. What does Paul believe that he is standing … Read more