Why We Exist

God Creates

We believe God created everything. Before sin came into the world, it was a perfect place where God lived with us. It was awesome. God’s mission is to restore His creation to perfection through the work of His Son Jesus and His Holy Spirit. These aren’t 3 Gods, but 1 God in 3 Persons. We like to call him the Trinity.

Sin Kills

Sin is anything that doesn’t fit into God’s perfect creation. Sin is essentially selfishness. We humans aren’t content to just let God be God. We think He needs competition… us. We broke God’s perfect creation.  Sickness, pain, death and evil have all come into the world because of sin. We’re just getting what we deserve.

Jesus Saves

God loved His creation so much He sent His son Jesus to live in our mess on a mission to save us from ourselves. Jesus is 100% man and 100% God. His sacrificial death has paid for the sins of the world and His glorious resurrection has shown us that God will one day create this place again. Jesus got what we deserve.

We Follow

We’re the sinners God came to save. We don’t choose him. He chooses us. He gives us faith. He forgives us. As forgiven sinners, God sees us as His new creation. So we live in gratitude to God by following Jesus. One day, Jesus is going to come back and create this place again. All believers in Jesus get to live there with him forever. It’s going to be awesome.