Bethel in Mission

At Bethel, we pray for God to guide and provide.

That’s how we determine where and who to serve.

God lays on our hearts the people we are to serve. We pray for God to provide the hands, the talents, the resources and the sacrifice it takes to engage that mission. If God provides, we do it. If He doesn’t, we don’t. That means living on the edge of God’s provision all the time. 

We believe that’s right where He wants us.

This is why we developed Bethel in Mission. Bethel in Mission is a collection of ministries run and/or supported by Bethel Lutheran Church. Each ministry is funded by designated contributions to the ministry itself or to Bethel in Mission as a whole. We try to keep all Bethel in Mission projects out of our regular operating budget so we can be prayerfully responsive to God’s provision year to year.

Please pray for each these ministries. If God leads, give of what God has given you to support them.  If you wish to give of your time or talent, please contact Bethel and we will put your gifts to work in His service. If you wish to give a financial gift, here’s how it works: Check out the ministries below to see which one strikes your heart. An opportunity is there to give to each ministry online (surcharges apply), or submit a payment to Bethel with the ministry name in the memo. If you like, give to “Bethel in Mission” as a whole and we’ll funnel money into the ministries that need it most.