Give Designations

General Fund

The General Fund of Bethel Lutheran Church supports the day-to-day expenses of the church. This includes staff salaries, property maintenance and other operating expenses. This is foundational. Without support here, many other things simply don’t happen. Our greatest resource is the people God has provided our church to lead by serving. So, the General Fund may not be the most exciting place to put your money, but it might just be the most important.

Bethel in Mission

Bethel in Mission is a collection of ministries run and/or supported by Bethel Lutheran Church. Each ministry is funded by designated contributions to the ministry itself or to Bethel in Mission as a whole. These include tuition assistance for Christian students, neighborhood events, and mission partnerships here and abroad. We try to keep all Bethel in Mission projects out of our regular operating budget so we can be prayerfully responsive to God’s provision.

Properties Projects

God has blessed us with a building so that we can bless others. Not only does our congregation use our facility, but many others are blessed to use our facility as well. That means we need to take care of this kingdom resource. Trusting God, we resist taking out loans for most properties upgrades, but rather wait to raise the money first before taking the plunge. We build as God provides, not the other way around. Consider helping us keep our kingdom resource useful for his service.