Rev. Andrew Prin
March 17, 2019

GodSpeak for the Week of March 17

We continue our Lenten Sunday series, by considering how we as members of Bethel are being called to BeTheLAIR…that is, a place of security and soft landing for neighbors in the world. 

Day 1…Read Jeremiah 50:1-6

  • Consider this – the Word, spoken by Jeremiah under God’s instruction, begins with dynamic trouble: Babylon will be captured; Babylon’s gods will be put to shame and filled with terror; no one will live in it.
  • Answer this – yet, for God’s people (a people who had absolutely turned away from HIM, by the way!), what does God offer? (hint – see v. 5)
    • And, the best part of all of this is what? (hint – see the last few words of v. 5) 

Day 2…Read Luke 9:57-59

  • Consider this – a man comes to Jesus and offers to follow Him wherever He will be going. To this, Jesus offers the words of these verses.
  • Answer this – the world is not going to afford the Savior a lair (literally, a place to lay His head). Yet, how will He treat the world in response?

Day 3…Read Luke 12:4-7

  • Consider this – here, the Lord is making a reference to how common, everyday – and, easily forgotten – it is for simple sparrows to be bought and sold. Nobody pays any mind to these transactions, OR to the CREATURES being transacted!
    • FYI – the Greek word which gets translated as “forgotten” carries with it the idea of being “uncared for” and “given over to oblivion.”
  • Answer this – but, who DOES pay attention? Who DOES care for these simple, everyday creatures?  Who DOESN’T give these creatures “over to oblivion”? 

Day 4…Read Matthew 11:28

  • Consider this – here, we begin to get to the heart of what it means to BeTheLAIR; to be a place of comfort and safe landing for others.
  • Consider this – again, refer back to Luke 9:57-59.
  • Answer this – while the world will not offer Jesus a place to rest HIS head, what will JESUS offer to ANY who go to HIM?

Day 5…Read Luke 15:11-31

  • Consider this – this is the famous story of the Prodigal Son.
  • Answer this – perhaps the most important detail of this story, in light of what it means to BeTheLAIR, is how the son’s FATHER doesn’t RE-act to his son, but PRO-acts! What does it TAKE, what does it MEAN for us to BeTheLAIR in the way the father does to his son?

Day 6…Read John 20:15-16

  • Consider this – this is John’s version of Easter Sunday.
    • And, with one word (“Mary.”), Jesus changes the entire course of Mary’s life!
  • Answer this – how does Jesus act as a “lair” for Mary in this case (thereby, changing her life forever)?