E Unum Pluribus

Rev. Andrew Prin
June 9, 2019

GodSpeak for the Week of June 9

After a late Easter season, we celebrate Pentecost Sunday this week – and, the giving of the promised Holy Spirit to us.

Day 1…Read Genesis 9:7-11

  • Consider this – this passage takes place right after the flood waters have gone away; Noah and family are left on dry land.
  • Answer this – what is God’s command to His people, here?
    • And, what is His promise to them, as well?

Day 2…Read Genesis 11:1-9 (especially, vv. 1-4)

  • Consider this – God’s people have grown in population and they’ve begun to move away from the ark and its immediate area – to an area, which ultimately became known as Babylon.
  • Answer this – and, once they arrive there – what happens?
    • How do they respond to God’s command and promise from Genesis 9?
    • Upon what do they rely for their safety and their future?

Day 3…Read Genesis 11:1-9 (again, especially vv. 5-9)

  • Consider this – so, God comes down (with the Heavenly Host, therefore the use of the word “we”) and sees the peoples’ plans and construction.
    • He invites the Heavenly Host in v. 7: “…let us go down and confuse their language…”
      • The Hebrew word for “confuse” is “balal” – and, literally means to “mix together.”
  • Consider this – the Latin phrase “E pluribus unum” means “Out of many, one.”  It’s the motto we have on our currency in the United States.
  • Answer this – how does this Latin motto get misused by God’s people in this passage?
    • What does God do in response? (Hint – reorder the words of “E pluribus unum” into a different phrase)

Day 4…Read Acts 2:1-21

  • Consider this – by the time we get to the Acts text (i.e., the most famous/well-known of Scripture passages on Pentecost Sunday), the disciples have been waiting for Jesus’ promised gifting of the Holy Spirit for 50 days (a month-and-a-half!)
  • Consider this – by this time in the story of God’s people, the Lord has taken these 11 original disciples (plus, now Matthias)…guys from very different backgrounds and life experiences…and they’ve been made into ONE.
  • Answer this – again, considering the Latin words “E,” “pluribus” and “unum” – what does the Lord do/how does He reorder these words with the giving of the Holy Spirit? (Hint – focus on the languages)
  • Answer this – what does the Lord’s work here, through the Holy Spirit, allow to happen?

Day 5…Read Acts 2:1-21 (again)

  • Answer this – in the Genesis 11 text we read earlier in the week, who was the focus of that reading centered on?  Who was doing the work/making the effort?
    • Conversely, in the Acts 2 reading – who is the focus centered on?  Who is doing the work/making the effort, here?

Day 6…Read John 14:23-31

  • Consider this – Jesus offers these words as a means of comfort to His disciples.
  • Answer this – what does Jesus say the purpose of the Holy Spirit will be?
    • Who is giving the Spirit?
    • Where will the Spirit point a person to?
    • Using the Latin words “E,” “pluribus” and “unum” – what is the order in which Scripture consistently puts them?