GodSpeak Groups

GodSpeak Logo (transparent black)

Bethel Lutheran reads the Bible as a congregation.
We call it GodSpeak.
God speaks
to you through His Word and God speaks through you to others.

Bethel members and friends meet in small GodSpeak groups throughout the week to discuss the Bible readings and encourage each other to live a life of faith. Groups love to have new attendees!

Tuesday Morning 7:30 am (2nd & 4th Tuesdays) at Suzie Norris’ (1276 Dayton Ave)  —- Leaders:  Bob Holst (651-645-7454) & Suzie Norris (651-645-3811)

Tuesday Morning 10 am at Bethel—-Leader:  Pastor Andrew Prin (651-300-2642)

Wednesday Evening (African) 6:00 pm at ?? (rotates homes each week)—-Leader:  Lusienie Fofana (651-216-9242)

Wednesday Evening Women’s Bible Study 7 pm (September – May) at Bethel in the conference room —-Leader:  Lynne Rustad (651-489-6834) & Alaina Gall (651-214-5852)