GodSpeak Logo (transparent black)

Bethel Lutheran reads the Bible as a congregation.
We call it GodSpeak.
God speaks
to you through His Word and God speaks through you to others.

Current GodSpeak Series: Pray First

Bethel members and friends meet in small GodSpeak groups throughout the week to discuss the Bible readings and encourage each other to live a life of faith. Groups love to have new attendees!

Tuesday Morning 7:30 am (2nd & 4th Tuesdays) at Suzie Norris’ (1276 Dayton Ave)  —- Leaders:  Bob Holst (651-645-7454) & Suzie Norris (651-645-3811)

Tuesday Morning 6 am Men’s Breakfast—-Leader: RJ Zimmerman (218-390-8736)

Tuesday Morning 10 am at Bethel—-Leader:  Pastor Andrew Prin (651-300-2642)

Wednesday Evening (African) 6:00 pm at ?? (rotates homes each week)—-Leader:  Lusienie Fofana (651-216-9242)

Wednesday Evening 7 pm at Bethel in the conference room —-Leader:  Steve Moeller (651-487-0316)

Wednesday Evening 7:15 pm at Rustads (1105 Montana Ave W) —-Leaders:  Jeff Bartels & Dave & Lynne Rustad (651-489-6834)