“Don’t Worry” in Cat Lake, ON – Matthew 6

Last month my Bethel Banner article dealt with Jesus words at the end of Matthew 6. Today we are going to look at the verses that precede it.

In Matthew 6, Jesus tells his disciples not to worry. These verses echoed through my mind on our recent LAMP VBS Trip to Cat Lake, Ontario. Since this was our first time visiting the Cat Lake community there were many things that our team simply did not know heading up there. We weren’t sure if we’d have hot water, beds or internet. I felt like we were real missionaries who are striking out into the unknown and paving the way for future groups to come in.

All of the unknowns were an opportunity for us to worry and be concerned about where we were going to sleep and go to the bathroom. When we landed, the person who we were told would meet us was out of town, but God provided a way for us to get to the church. We didn’t know who to talk to about keys to the teacherage, but God took care of it. We could tell you many stories from the Cat Lake trip of God providing for our needs, often before we even realized them.

We often worry about our everyday life and let that fear paralyze us from stepping out in faith, but it is when we do step out as God’s ambassadors that Jesus’ words in Matthew 6 come alive. When we are weak, God is strong. When we know can’t provide for ourselves, He does. This isn’t just a lesson I’ve learned for Cat Lake, but one that applies here in St Paul as well. Let’s live by faith. Let’s not let worries control us but rather be spurred on by God’s calling to love our neighbor and make disciples.


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