Environmental Symposium

In the Como area, two of our beloved freshwater resources – Como Lake and the Mississippi River – are struggling under the impacts of water pollution. In response, one intrepid neighbor, Courtney Ryan has teamed up with Bethel Lutheran Church, the Como Active Citizen Network, Capitol Region Watershed District, and Como Community Council on a rain garden project. But it’s not just any rain garden project – it is deliberately collaborative and seeks to increase our community capacity for collective action.

Come learn more about our approach and vision at our September 28th Environmental Symposium at 7PM at Bethel Lutheran Church. In addition to learning about how rain gardens are a solution, we will present other, very simple things you can do to help protect these waterways.

Remember that Wheelock Parkway is torn up. The best way to get to Bethel is to take Dale to Orange street, head west to St. Albans, then north on St. Albans to Bethel’s parking on the east side of the street.

You can RSVP on Facebook here.

If you have questions about the event, please contact Rich Gall at richardegall@gmail.com

Here’s a preview of some of the plants being put into the garden on Bethel’s property!

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