From Bad to Worse

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, have things ever gone from bad to worse for you?  Just a simple question.

Well, the people of Israel were in slavery in Egypt, which was bad, but God delivered them all.  They were in the desert starving, which they thought was worse and so they grumbled against God and Moses.

We are quick to grumble most especially against God when things go little bit bad in life. We are not content with the work, possessions or maybe the people God has put in our lives.  We, most of the time, take His gifts for granted and grumble, when we think they are not enough.

Well, in the desert, God the Father of all, sent food (manna) for the Israelites to eat.  Then he heard their grumbling and He blessed them.  Again they were ungrateful.  But God was gracious to them.

Brothers and Sisters, God is with us.  He has given us all we have, yet we take it for granted, we grumble because we want more.  He gives us His blessing, He sent His Son to die, He sends forgiveness and gives us grace.

He sends the Bread of Life which is Jesus Christ to fill us up, even when we think things are going from bad to worse.  Today I ask that you read Exodus 15:2-15.



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