Do you own an insurance or annuity product from Thrivent? If yes, then you can help Bethel by making a donation to Central Lutheran School! Here’s how:

1.  Make a donation payable to Central Lutheran School;
2.  Complete a Thrivent GivingPlus gift form                                                                                                     (in the church office or at;
3.  Drop off or mail both your check and the gift form to Bethel and You’re done!

Thrivent will match $1 for every $2 donated to eligible Lutheran organizations (which include Central Lutheran School), up to a $300 maximum contribution to each organization per person every year. This means that if you donate $600 to Central Lutheran School during 2009, Thrivent will make a matching contribution of $300 to Central Lutheran School just for completing the form!

As an association member of Central Lutheran School, Bethel is responsible for a portion of the tuition bill for each of our members attending the school. Any donations made by Bethel members to Central Lutheran School reduce our congregation’s portion dollar for dollar, including any matching funds Central Lutheran School receives from Thrivent. In the past two years alone, Bethel’s assessment has been reduced by almost $7,000 due to Thrivent’s matching contributions!

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