Making the Most of Our Time

Everyone on earth has the same amount of time today.  Twenty four hours around.  How each of us use our time is another matter.

When you are young, time does not seem like a big deal. You always have time if not today, maybe the weekend.  But as you grow up, you will find yourself wanting to cram more into your day.

Planning your day will help you better.  Someone once said, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”  When you think through your days and plan things, they often go better.

But how do you plan your day and how do you use your time wisely?  Take note.

  1. Make a to do list. What do you want to do today?  Maybe reach out to your neighbor?  Prayer? Write it all down.  Then figure out what times you can do each one of them.
  2. Write things down in a calendar. It can be your doctor’s appointment or time for Bible study.  Put them on your calendar.  Then you will not forget to do it.

It is always good to figure out the things you really want to do this year. By the grace of the Almighty, write them down.  This is called making priorities.  Write your goals down also and then talk to God about them.

When that is done, don’t forget to pray about them also. Use your time wisely.

Psalm 90:12  says “Teach us to make the most of our time. So that we may grow in wisdom.”   Amen


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