Saints: A History of Difference Making Disciples

One generation shall commend your works to another, and shall declare your mighty acts. Psalm 145:4

Throughout history, God’s People have strengthened one another’s faith by declaring the mighty acts of God together. Before the Scriptures were written, God’s history of amazing deeds was share through story. Generation after generation, God moves in our lives. He answers prayer, guides our steps and     intervenes in our lives. We don’t have a passive God, but a transformative one!

WaterLife is based on the idea that when we’re living our lives as Jesus’ disciples, we’ll have stories to share. This has been true since Jesus resurrection! Throughout the ages people have had faith in Jesus and strived to live in response to the grace that God has showered over them in Christ.

While Pastor Seabaugh is on sabbatical, we’ll have the opportunity to hear from a  variety of voices. Each week we’ll get to hear a different preacher share about a disciple from history whom they are passionate about.

Our new GodSpeak series is called “Saints” and will focus on a different disciple who God worked through to make an impact in their time and place. It will be a time to learn about how God has used people to change the face of Christianity and the world. When we hear the word “saint” sometimes we think of someone who is perfect, holy and without sin. This is a great definition, but we need to understand that it is only through the sacrifice of Christ on the cross that we are made saints. It is through faith in his death and resurrection that we are brought into the church and made saints!


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