Share Jesus’ Love in Cat Lake, ON

Are you tired of sitting around?

Then it’s time to hop on a plane (or 2) and hang out with the people of Cat Lake.

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Bethel Lutheran Church partners with Lutheran Association of Missionaries and Pilots (LAMP) in the summer to go to this remote location, putting on a VBS for the kids and witnessing to the community.

What’s required of you to go?*

  • A love for Jesus
  • A pair of solid walking legs
  • To fill out an application RIGHT NOW.
The potential dates (waiting on confirmation) of VBS in Cat Lake are July 25-29, and we need to assemble a team this month so we can begin fundraising.
Below are the applications for our week in Cat Lake. If you are interested, please apply and contact Anna Zimmerman.
THE DEADLINE TO SIGN UP IS APRIL 1 (and that’s no April Fools joke).


This week requires a lot of walking, teaching, and keeping up with awesome, hyper children all day. It’s also an opportunity to share the love of Christ in beautiful ways. Before applying, please prayerfully consider. The application will also eventually require a recent (within 3 year) background check.

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