Supplies needed for the Casa de niños orphanage mission trip!

Items requested by the orphanage director include camping tents (small size is best), sandals, personal care items, umbrellas, usb storage sticks (computer), gifts for workers, diapers, markers, school supplies including backpacks, etc. If you are interested in purchasing any of these items, please bring them to the church office by July 26th. Money is also welcome (make checks to Bethel Lutheran Church) – the plan is to buy other items needed when we get there. The Drawing for the quilt & cedar chest will be held next Sunday, July 26th after Bethel’s worship (tickets are still on sale-5 for $5). The airline tickets have been purchased for August 2-9th, 2009! Those excited and ready to go are Dixie Johnson, Kassy Bartelme, Jyl Dunavan (friend of Lisa Stefan), Sandy Hilber (mom of Kassy Bartelme), Jodi Ruis, Lynne Rustad & Lisa Stefan. They will be going to paint classrooms and to show God’s love to the orphans. Support Casa de niños!!!

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