Back to the Basics – Honey

Back to the Basics – Honey
Daily Devotional/Group Discussion Questions

Add it to your toast, tea, biscuits… What is so sweet as honey? During Bible times, Honey was highly prized and denoted delight. When I think of something sweet, I often think of the delight of honey. This week, experience the sweetness of God’s goodness and the splendor of His truth.

Daily prayer: Pray through Psalm 119:97-104. Memorize it for an extra sweet challenge.

Mon. Oct 2
Read Matthew 3. Who was John? What do you think of his diet? How did this diet play into the context of his daily life?

Tue. Oct 3
Read Psalm 34. Describe what God’s goodness means to you. Write a poem, draw a picture, do something inspired by this Psalm to reflect on His goodness in your life. May this be a worship experience for you.

Wed. Oct 4
Read Revelation 10:9-11 & Matthew 10:34. The scroll in the Revelation passage is the Word of God, and as described here as pleasant to see and hear. What sours the belly, though? Belly in this context refers more to a “gut-feeling”. This passage is saying that the Word of the Lord is so sweet, but it will convict you. Taking into account Jesus’ words in Matthew, what does this mean to you? Can you simply hear the sweet Word of God without heeding it?

Thurs. Oct 5
Read Psalm 19:7-11. Describe the Word of the Lord. What are its strengths? How does this impact your daily walk in the Word?

Fri. Oct 6
Read Proverbs 25:16, 27 & Joshua 1:8. What sort of sweet things is the author referring to? Do you believe that too much of one thing can make you sick? What is the one exception to this proverb?

Sat. Oct 7
Read Song of Solomon 4-5:16. Remember while reading this that this is an exchange between God (the Man) and His people (the Woman). What are some of the things they say about each other? Pray that this passage refreshes you today.


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