Back to the Basics – Milk

Back to the Basics – Milk

Daily Devotional/Group Discussion Questions


Milk is a symbol used throughout the Bible to describe a pure, simple, wholesome truth. It’s also used in connection with milk and honey to denote fertility and plenty. During this time in human history and in this location geographically (the middle east), water was scarce and not palatable, so milk was more commonly drunk and was a symbol that could be understood. This week, see how milk is used to show God’s care and provision for His people.


Daily prayer: Father, please nourish us with your Word and may we be bearers of your fruit in all we do. Amen.


Mon. Sept. 25

Read Exodus 1:8-22, 2:23-25. Describe the affliction of the Israelites. What was God’s response?


Tue. Sept. 26

Read Exodus 3:1-4:17Contrast the affliction of the Israelites (from Monday’s readings) with the promises that God makes. Keeping the symbology above about milk in mind, what is God promising?


Wed. Sept. 27

Read 1 Corinthians 3:1-9 & Romans 8:5-8. Flesh alienates us from God. What is Paul’s use of milk here? In what ways do you need more milk, instead of solid food? What does it mean to be worldly? How does a life in Christ contrast that?


Thurs. Sept. 28

Read 1 Peter 2:1-3 & Matthew 18:1-5. The Greek adjective to describe the type of milk in 1 Peter is adolos, which means “unadulterated”. Not the slightest bit of evil is mixed into the milk; it is pure and innocent. Like an infant yearns for a feeding, we need to yearn for this milk. What does the author describe as good? How have you experienced this goodness?


Fri. Sept. 29

Read Hebrews 5:11-6:2. In what ways can we mature in faith? What distinguishes the mature from the infant in faith?


Sat. Sept. 30

Read John 6. This is a description of salvations banquet. It costs no money, yet offers sustenance for the soul. What does this mean in your life today?

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Rev. Lusiene Fofana
October 1, 2017
Back to the Basics: Milk

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