Back to the Basics: Water & Salt

Back to the Basics – Water and Salt
Daily Devotional/Group Discussion Questions

It doesn’t take much to make something good in the kitchen – a little water, a little flour, a little salt and you can make all sorts of things! Our faith, too, is made of some pretty basic things. This week, see how faith is a lot about water and salt!

Spend a few moments each day confessing to God the different wells you try to draw from other than Jesus. Write about the ways that Jesus does fill you, and how he fills you to the brim.

Mon. Sept. 11
Read John 7:1-44. How does Jesus describe Himself? How does the crowd react to this? Think about your day. What are some wells that try to draw water from daily?

Tue. Sept. 12
Read John 4. What do you think the Samaritan woman was thirsty for? How does her unquenchable thirst for more of something compare to the things we thirst for today? How did she become a light to her world?

Wed. Sept. 13
Read Hebrews 10:19-25. Think about your baptism. What significance does your baptism have today? How do you have daily cleansing because of it? What is the outcome of faith through your baptism?

Thurs. Sept. 14
Read Leviticus 2:11-13. What is the purpose of salt illustrated here? What does this practice have to do with faith life?

Fri. Sept. 15
Read John 8:1-38 & Matthew 5:13-18 Who does Jesus say that He is? Who does He say that you are? What does this imagery mean?

Sat. Sept. 16
Read Colossians 4:2-6 & Mark 9:42-50. How is salt good? What does this mean for your faith walk? List ways to retain saltiness.

Watch the Sermon

September 10, 2017
Rev. Andrew Prin
Scripture Readings: Isaiah 43:1-7, 11-13; Revelation 7:13-17; John 4:1-15

September 17, 2017
Rev. Andrew Prin
Scripture Readings: Lev. 2:11-13; Col. 4:2-6; Mark 9:42-50

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