The Church in War and Triumph (Godspeak Readings April 11-16)

Scenes from Revelation: The Church in War and Triumph

Two very different scenes come into one in chapter 7.  First, the church in its constant struggle with sin and evil.  Second, the same church triumphant with Jesus in heaven.
Daily Prayer: Jesus, keep me in the fight for truth and love while holding on to the hope of heaven.  Amen.

Monday, April 11
Read Revelation 7:1-8What is the seal that God puts upon the foreheads of his servants?  What is the         significance of the number 12?  How does that impact the symbol of the 144,000?

Tuesday, April 12
Read Jeremiah 49:35-39 & Zechariah 6:1-8 The angels held back God’s destructive wrath from the 4 winds.  How do these prophetic passages help us understand the 4 winds?  Check out Rev. 6 too!

Wednesday, April 13
Read Numbers 2 & 31:1-6The 12 tribes encircled the  tabernacle in a battle formation.  How might this image from The Exodus and from Rev. 7 help us to see the church today?   

Thursday, April 14
Read Revelation 7:9-17While the church on earth is in battle, the church also exists triumphantly in heaven, awaiting Jesus’ return to earth.  What is your favorite part of this description of heaven?

Friday, April 15
Read Psalm 23How does this Psalm anticipate what we also see in Rev. 7?  What is your favorite part of this Psalm?  How might your favorite part of Rev. 7:9-17 come together with Psalm 23?

Saturday, April 16
Read John 10:1-18What does this passage say about why we have hope for seeing this amazing scene of heaven?  What does it mean that the Lamb of God is our Good Shepherd?


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