Daniel in Exile

February 19, 2017
“Imitate Daniel. Trust God, Trust Yourself.”
Rev. Bob Holst
Scripture Readings: Daniel 6:16-24, Romans 13:1-7, Matthew 5:43-48

Read The Story, Chapter 18

or if you don’t have a Story book, read Daniel 1-3, 6; Jeremiah 29-31

Questions to think through and pray through with your small group and family
Taken from the back of The Story book “Discussion Questions”

  1. In what ways do you see Daniel exhibit his faith in God?
  2. What enabled Daniel’s three friends to stand against the king’s orders?
  3. Why did God choose to punish Nebuchadnezzar the way that he did? What was the result of this punishment?
  4. Why did Daniel prosper under the kings of Babylon and Persia?
  5. What can you learn about prayer from Daniel?
  6. What steps can you take to become more devoted to prayer?






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