Down to Earth

GodSpeak for the Week of June 16

We finish these celebratory days after Easter and Pentecost with an annual Sunday focusing on the reality of the Holy Trinity.

Day 1Read Proverbs 8:1-4, 22-31

  • Consider this – historically ascribed to the writing of King Solomon, this passage from Proverbs (especially from v. 22 forward) features very familiar language.
  • Answer this – is King Solomon writing this about himself?  If not, who would be the speaker, here?
    • Where else in Scripture have your heard references like those given in vv. 22 and forward?

Day 2Read Acts 2:22-36 (focus especially on vv. 22 & 23)

  • Consider this – this is Peter’s famous speech immediately following the gifting of the Holy Spirit to him and the rest of the disciples.
    • In v. 22, Peter describes Jesus as “accredited” [NIV] by God – what Peter means here is that God powered the miracles, wonders and signs Jesus did in order to prove what kind of person Jesus is.
    • In v. 23, Peter notes that God had a “set purpose and foreknowledge” that Jesus would be handed over and crucified.
  • Answer this – what does all of this say about the Trinity?  How do the three “persons” of it work together? How do they work individually?
  • In anything each of them do, who are they pointing to?

Day 3Read Acts 2:22-36 (focus especially on vv. 25-28)

  • Consider this – Luke tells us that Peter now quotes King David (vv. 25-28)
  • Answer this – what does David say that points to Jesus, God and the Spirit working together?
    • Why would Peter reference something David said hundreds of years before?  What does that reference do for the Trinity?

Day 4Read Acts 2:22-36 (focus especially on v. 33)

  • Consider this – in one verse, Peter references each of the persons of the Trinity.
  • Answer this – in this case, as Peter describes it, what do each of the persons of the Trinity do here?

Day 5Read John 8:48-59

  • Consider this – the Jewish authorities accuse Jesus of two things: 1) being a Samaritan, and 2) being demon-possessed.
  • Answer this – notice…very specifically…what Jesus answers and how He answers it!
    • Why would Jesus answer in this way?

Day 6Read John 8:48-59 (focus especially on vv. 54 and forward)

  • Consider this – in v. 57, the religious authorities chide Jesus for not being 50 years old (i.e., not being a very old and wise enough man, back in those days), therefore He is not old enough to have seen Abraham.
  • Consider this – in v. 58, Jesus gets to the Trinitarian core of this passage when He notes: “…before Abraham was born, I am!”
    • To this, the religious authorities pick up rocks to put Him to death for blasphemy! 
  • Answer this – but, why do they want to kill Jesus right here?  What has He said and done?
    • Take a look at Exodus 3:14.
  • Answer this – what is Jesus saying and claiming in this passage from John, that pairs with the verse from Exodus?

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