Jesus: A True and Better Gideon

July 31, 2016
Rev. Lusienie Fofana
Scripture Reading: Judges 7:1-8; 2 Corinthians 4:7-15; John 6:1-14


Daily Devotional/Group Discussion Questions

Gideon was the weakest man that God could have chosen, and God gave him the weakest army. See how God takes small things to do big.

 Daily Prayer: Pray through Psalm 46.

Monday, July 25
Read Judges 6:1-18. What was the situation for the Israelites? Who was this man whom God chose? How did he identify himself? What weakness did he show?

Tuesday, July 26
Read Jud. 6:18-40 & Acts 2:1-13, 38-41. Gideon needed signs of God’s presence. What elements does God use? How are these elements signs for us today?

Wednesday, July 27
Read Jud. 7:1-8 & Romans 11. 32,000 men were a puny army compared to the Midian and Amalekite army “think as locusts”. Why did God thin it even more? What is the significance of the remnant?

Thursday, July 28
Read Jud. 7:9-15 & John 6:32-35, 48-58. Barley was the grain that only the poorest of poor would eat. What does this say about Gideon and the army? Which bread, lowly & humble, would defeat the armies of sin, death, and Satan?

Friday, July 29
Read Jud. 7:16-23, Matthew 27:22-54, & 2 Corinthians 4:7. The army was only armed only with torches and jars to break. What happened? What jar did God break, and what chaos broke out? How is Jesus True and Better?

Saturday, July 30
Read John 6:1-14. God uses small things to bring big change. How do you see that in your life?

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