GodSpeak – Acts 12-13:15 – June 25-30

Acts 12-13:15

In our readings this week, Barnabas and Saul are set apart by the church for the work God has prepared for them. God has a history of setting people apart to do His work.

Monday, June 25     Read Acts 12:1-25. Peter continues to be persecuted. What does the church do in light of this persecution? How does persecution affect the word of God?

Tuesday, June 26     Read Acts 13:1-15. Here we have the account of Paul’s first missionary journey. How does Paul choose to communicate the Gospel in Pisidian Antioch? Why use those stories?

Wednesday, June 27     After reviewing Acts 12:1Acts 13:15, Read Luke 10:1-23. In Acts 13:2 Barnabas and Saul were “set apart” for the work of the Lord. In Luke we read of Jesus setting apart 72 for his work. What do you think Jesus means by what he says to those set apart in verse 21?

Thursday, June 28     After reviewing Acts 12:1Acts 13:15, Read Genesis 12:1-9. Abram was called out of his life, country, people and family to follow God. What was God’s promise Abram?

Friday, June 29     After reviewing Acts 12:1Acts 13:15, Read Isaiah 6:1-13. How does this account of God’s setting apart Isaiah for His work inform our own calling as God’s ambassadors?

Saturday, June 30      After reviewing Acts 12:1Acts 13:15, Read John 17:1-26. In this text, Jesus prays for Himself, His disciples and all who will believe. What did Jesus mean when He said “My prayer is not that you take them out of the world but that you protect them from the evil one.”?

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