GodSpeak – Acts 16 – July 16-21

Acts 16

In our readings this week, Paul and Silas spread the Gospel, baptize households and experience persecution on their way. They put their hope in the Lord and He sees them through.

Monday, July 16     Read Acts 16:1-24. Why did Paul, who emphasized our Christian freedom, circumcise Timothy?

Tuesday, July 17     Read Acts 16:25-40. Paul and Silas are attacked, stripped, beaten, flogged and placed in prison. How did they respond?

Wednesday, July 18     After reviewing Acts 16, Read 1 Corinthians 12:12-30. Where does our unity as Christians come from? Is it from shared locations, worship styles,  or languages?

Thursday, July 19     After reviewing Acts 16, Read Psalm 18:1-50. When the tough times come, what of whom do you run to? Be honest with yourself. To whom does the psalmist call on?

Friday, July 20     After reviewing Acts 16, Read Romans 10:1-21. What does Paul tell us about faith and salvation?

Saturday, July 21     After reviewing Acts 16, Read John 15:18-26. Does Jesus promise an easy or comfortable life to those who follow Him? What does He promise?

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