GodSpeak – Acts 17 – July 23-28

Acts 17

In our readings this week, Paul visits Athens and tries to speak the Gospel into their culture while refusing to compromise the truth.

Monday, July 23     Read Acts 17:1-15. Paul seems to have a practice of going to the synagogue and then to the marketplace. What would me the modern day equivalent of the synagogue and marketplace for you?

Tuesday, July 24     Read Acts 17:16-34. Paul preaches in Athens. Do you notice anything different in his preaching when compare to when he speaks to the Jews?

Wednesday, July 25     After reviewing Acts 17, Read 1 Chronicles 28:1-9. Paul suggested to the people of Athens that God desires us to to seek him. What words of encouragement does David leave to his son Solomon?

Thursday, July 26      After reviewing Acts 17, Read Deuteronomy 4:1-40. According to this passage, what privileges did Israel have as God’s people? How has God uniquely treated them?

Friday, July 27     After reviewing Acts 17, Read 1 Corinthians 15:1-58. In verse 1, Paul reminds them of the Gospel. Why would Christians need to be reminded of the central point of their faith? Do we need to be reminded?

Saturday, July 28     After reviewing Acts 17, Read Isaiah 46:1-13. Paul saw many idols in Athens. He was disturbed by them. How does an idol compare to the one true God?

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