GodSpeak – Acts 2 – April 16-21

Acts 2

Either the disciples had a quick foreign language lesson or God was up to spreading his truth around the world. The answer is clear… in your own language.

Monday, April 16     Read Acts 2:1-13. The greek word for spirit is “pnuema”. The greek word for wind found in verse 2 “pnoe”. The similarity between the Spirit and the wind doesn’t stop at their spelling in greek but also in how they work. We never see the wind with our eyes, we only see the affects of the wind. In the same way, we don’t see the Spirit of God, but we sure do see the transformational affects of his work in our lives and the lives of others!

Tuesday, April 17     Read Acts 2:14-42. It wasn’t too long ago that Peter denied that he even knew Jesus. On the day of Pentecost, Peter does more than just acknowledge his Lord Jesus, he calls the people in Jerusalem to repentance and baptism. How has your witness to Christ been transformed over the years?

Wednesday, April 18     After Reviewing Acts 2:1-42, Read John 16:5-16. In this passage, Jesus tells his disciples that the Spirit of Truth is coming. Pentecost is a fulfillment of this promise. What does Jesus say that the Spirit of Truth will do once he arrives?

Thursday, April 19     After Reviewing Acts 2:1-42, Read Isaiah 11:1-9. During the Old Testament, the Spirit would empower certain people at certain times. This passage tells us that the Spirit will rest on the Messiah. In Pentecost, we see the releasing of the Spirit to rest on all followers of Jesus. Where do you see the Spirit working in your life?

Friday, April 20     After Reviewing Acts 2:1-42, Genesis 11:1-9. Many people call Pentecost, “Babel Reversed”. Why did God confuse their speech? Why did he choose to reverse this confusion here at Pentecost?

Saturday, April 21     After Reviewing Acts 2:1-42, Luke 4:14-30. Take another look at the passage Jesus read from Isaiah 61. In Jesus there is freedom from sin and even the consequences that come from sin. Jesus was heralding the Messianic age. What elements that make up the Messianic age are found in the passage Jesus read?

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