GodSpeak – Acts 20 – August 13-18

Acts 20

In our readings this week, Paul leaves Ephesus knowing through the Spirit that calamity will be coming to him soon.

Monday, August 13      Read Acts 20:1-12. Do you get the impression from this text and others that the disciples had a set start and end time for their coming together?

Tuesday, August 14     Read Acts 20:13-38. Paul warns (with tears) the church of God in Ephesus to be watchful and on guard. What is he concerned about?

Wednesday, August 15     After reviewing Acts 20, Read Matthew 23:13-33. Why are Jesus “Seven Woes” to the teachers of the law and pharisees so harsh?

Thursday, August 16     After reviewing Acts 20, Read Psalm 23. In our text, Paul knows he will meet persecution but is calm. How did David deal with walking through the “valley of death”?

Friday, August 17     After reviewing Acts 20, Read 2 Timothy 4:1-9. What instructions does Paul give to his apprentice Timothy?

Saturday, August 18     After reviewing Acts 20, Read 1 Timothy 6:1-21. Why are false teachers such a problem for the church of God?

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