GodSpeak – Acts 24-25 – September 3-8

Acts 24-25

In our readings this week, Paul continues his defense before Felix, Festus and even Agrippa. It may be time to appeal to Caesar.

Monday, September 3     Read Acts 24:1-27. What does Paul believe that he is on trial for?

Tuesday, September 4     Read Acts 25:1-27. Why does Paul appeal to Caesar rather than waiting in Caesarea or going to Jerusalem for his trial?

Wednesday, September 5     After reviewing Acts 24Acts 25, Read John 16:1-15. What does Jesus promise that his disciples will experience in this passage? Whom does he promise will help them?

Thursday, September 6     After reviewing Acts 24Acts 25, Read Psalm 141. Can you see any parallels between David’s prayer in this psalm and our GodSpeak reading this week?

Friday, September 7     After reviewing Acts 24Acts 25, Read 1 Corinthians 15:1-33. Just as in Athens, Paul is not willing to compromise on the truth of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Read this passage and discover why he won’t deny it.

Saturday, September 8     After reviewing Acts 24Acts 25, Read 2 Timothy 4:1-8. What instructions does Paul give to Timothy? Were these just for Timothy?

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