GodSpeak – Acts 27 – September 17-22

Acts 27

In our readings this week, we read how God continues to work through and around Paul even while he is in chains.

Monday, September 17     Read Acts 27:1-26. Why do you think Luke sees fit to include this story? What is he trying to tell us?

Tuesday, September 18     Read Acts 27:27-44. How many times in this chapter can you see God’s hand at work?

Wednesday, September 19     After reviewing Acts 27, Read John 14:15-31. What comfort during times of trial does Jesus give his disciples?

Thursday, September 20     After reviewing Acts 27, Read Psalm 33. What does the psalmist tell us about God and his power over creation?

Friday, September 21     After reviewing Acts 27, Read 2 Peter 1:1-21. What does Peter teach us about the Scriptures?

Saturday, September 22     After reviewing Acts 27, Read Acts 14:21-28. “We must go through many hardships to enter the kingdom of God”. What hardships have you seen?

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