GodSpeak – Acts 28 – September 24-29

Acts 28

In our readings this week, Paul finally makes it to Rome and spends two years awaiting trial.

Monday, September 24     Read Acts 28:1-16. What role does hospitality play in God’s provision for Paul?

Tuesday, September 25     Read Acts 28:17-30. Paul spends two years awaiting trial in Rome. What does he do with his time?

Wednesday, September 26     After reviewing Acts 28, Read John 9:1-12. Is calamity always caused by personal sin as the people thought when Paul was bitten by the snake?

Thursday, September 27     After reviewing Acts 28, Read Isaiah 6:1-13. What type of ministry does God promise Isaiah after he says “Send me!”?

Friday, September 28     After reviewing Acts 28, Read Romans 5:1-11. Paul knew what it was to suffer. What does he say about suffering this passage?

Saturday, September 29     After reviewing Acts 28, Read Ephesians 6:10-20. What has God given us to be prepared for the devil’s schemes?

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