GodSpeak – Acts 8 – May 28-June 2

Acts 8

In our readings this week, the church is scattered throughout Judea and Samaria while God continues to work through his disciples.

Monday, May 27      Read Acts 8:2-25. As the church is scattered throughout Judea and Samaria, we see the beginning fulfillment of Acts 1:8. God uses persecution to drive his followers out into the rest of the world where people need to hear the Gospel. What is the effect of this persecution on the church and its mission?

Tuesday, May 28     Read Acts 8:26-40. We can learn so much about sharing the Gospel from Philip and his time with the Ethiopian. What are some things you’ve learned from this passage that will help you share with others?

Wednesday, May 30     After reviewing Acts 8:2-40, Read Luke 21:12-38. Jesus promised that to follow him was to experience persecution in this world. At the same time he tells us not to worry about defending ourselves. Why not?

Thursday, May 31     After reviewing Acts 8:2-40, Read John 4:1-26. His disciples thought it strange when they found Jesus speaking with the woman at the well. It would be difficult for the disciples to understand, even now in Acts 8, that Jesus’ work would include more than the nation of Israel. Do we as Christians sometimes exclude people from God’s plan?

Friday, June 1      After reviewing Acts 8:2-40, Read Isaiah 56:1-8. Even in the Old Testament God made it clear that his redemptive plan would include more than just the Jews. What parallels do you see between this passage from Isaiah and the story of Philip and the Ethiopian?

Saturday, June 2     After reviewing Acts 8:2-40, Read Revelation 7:9-17. It was necessary for God to send the church out of Jerusalem so that all nations would be blessed. What does Revelation say about who will be with us in heaven? What a beautiful picture!

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